Which Car Sound Insulation?

Which car sound insulation material should I choose? Your car sound insulation questions answered at Car Insulation UK. Find the best car insulation for the application you are insulating.

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When choosing car sound insulation it is important to select the best car sound insulation material for the car sound insulation application.  Below you will find an array of car sound insulation applications and suggestions of high performance, high quality car soundproofing materials best suited to those car insulation applications.

Which car boot sound insulation and car boot sound deadening should I use?

When insulating your car boot it is essential that you insulate the following areas:

Dampen the panels in your boot with car boot sound deadening material (one pack spread evenly around the floor pan is usually more than enough to deaden the panels and reduce sound pressure)
Add boot sound absorbing material under the load floor if applicable.
Add boot sound deadening matting if required to stop noise transmitting into the boot area.
By choosing these car sound insulation materials you should gain a dramatic sound reduction in your car boot.

Which rear wheel arch insulation should I use in my car? 

When insulating the rear wheel arches in your car an acoustic absorbing material for wheel arches and a car wheel arch sound deadening material offers great sound reduction properties.  Bond these to the wheel arches and together with our premium 25mm double sided tape
Add car wheel arch panel dampening materials to 25% of the area if they are not already fitted.

Which car floor sound deadening material should I use in my car?
Stop noise transmission in your car floor using car floor sound deadening material
Or try our lightweight floor sound deadening laminate insulation to save weight.
Add car floor panel dampening materials to 25% of the area if they are not already fitted.
Use 30mm Hard PE foam to flatten the car floor and provide additional insulation if required 

Which car door sound insulation material should I use in my car doors?
Refine your car interior noise with waterproof car door insulation suitable for interior car door insulation and exterior car door insulation soundproofing.  
fix by clamping material in place with other components or with our quality double sided tape
Add door exterior panel dampening to the exterior door panel if it is not already fitted.

Which car roof insulation material should I use? (also known as car headliner insulation)Use
fine fiber car roof insulation material if there is a 50mm thick cavity
Use compressible roof liner sound insulation material if you have less than a 50mm thick cavity 3mm anti-rattle / anti-flutter material for squeaky car trim panels and plastic car panels.10mm anti-rattle material for car trim panels and plastic car panels.