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Car bonnet insulation & car hood sound proofing products 

With a very high level of sound and heat transmitting throughout the car from the engine bay side it is usually the best place to start in terms of car exterior insulation, however if you are attempting to fit car bonnet or hood insulation and soundproofing to a new car, it is advisable to fit it behind the existing hoodliner or bonnet insulation.  Ideally in some cases prior to fitting bonnet insulation and soundproofing products you will be best to check bonnet temperatures first to check product suitability, please do not hesitate to call us if you are looking to insulate or sound deaden your car bonnet as we are always on hand to help.  Please contact the Car Insulation UK team on 02477 670370 today for your bonnet insulation and hood soundproofing questions answered!

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